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Mothership – Mothership


When you start off an album with an instrumental song, it better breathe holy fire, brother, because I need that first kick to leave one hell of a bruise. Thankfully, Mothership set the groundwork for their self-titled debut full-length with “Hallucination,” a song that perfectly captures the entire essence of the Dallas, Texas band, rolling through half-baked Sabbath doom, loose n’ bluesy solos, and fuzz-chugging metal in five heavy-footed minutes. It only takes but a few songs to realize Mothership shatters expectations laid down by the three-song Eagle Soars demo the band released last year, and now that the power trio’s rough-spun biker boogie has sprouted plenty more hairs on its barrel chest, they’re sportin’ the kind of boss ‘tude it takes to screw your wife and sell you a t-shirt in the same night. Dig “City Nights,” “Angel of Death,” “Elenin,” and “Eagle Soars” for some choice, big-balled, loaded gun fun, or if tracking galactic groove down the midnight highway is your bag, “Cosmic Rain,” “Win or Lose,” and “Lunar Master” is the game you want to chase. Either way, there’s all sorts of tasty red heat emanating off of this one, so watch you don’t burn that big burly beard of yours trying to lick the flames.

Listen to Mothership by Mothership!


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