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New Skånska Mord

skanska-mord-the-last-supperSkånska Mord
The Last Supper

Small Stone

It’s taken me eight days, but I’ve got the first rock n’ review of 2010 for you. I had to go all the way to Sweden to fetch it though, so I hope you’ll understand if I don’t apologize for my tardiness. It’s easy to get hung up over there, what with the milk, honey, hot blonds, and sleazy rawk action. Frankly, I’m surprised I even came back, but I did and I brought Skånska Mord’s debut, The Last Supper, with me. My translation skills aren’t the best, but I believe Skånska Mord means Scanian Murder (Scanian referring to the province of Sweden also known as Skåne), and if I’m right, then these guys most certainly know something you and I don’t, and are probably capable of so much more.

Ok, Skånska Mord aren’t that mysterious or scary. Formed from the ashes of Mothercake and Half Man, they’re just a bunch of denim-clad longhairs with one boot heel planted firmly on the neck of the ’70s and one hand grasping a big, foggy bowl. The Last Supper, however, is quite tricky, walking a rather fine line between heavy, organ-fried, stoner rock and alternative, radio-friendly, arena rock. I mean, you could tell me Jack Endino recorded it in Seattle and I’d believe you. Or you could tell me they recorded it themselves in the back of a busted van on a hot, dusty Tuesday morning and I’d believe that too. I could toss around names like Dozer and Asteroid and your cock would be justified in getting hard, but if I’m gonna compare them to any of their fellow countrymen, it has to be The Quill (and not just because The Quill singer Magnus Ekwall and Skånska Mord singer Jan Bengtsson are dead ringers for Chris Cornell). The Quill haven’t released anything since 2006, and it’s quite possible they’ve broken up, so it seems like a perfect time for Skånska Mord to fill the loud, groovy void.

Listen to “The Hermit” from The Last Supper!

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