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Nightstalker – Dead Rock Commandos

Dead Rock Commandos
Small Stone

Except for maybe Socrates Drank the Conium (or just Socrates if you prefer), I’m not sure I’m familiar with any other rock bands from Greece, so it’s gotta be that Nightstalker have ruled the Hellenic Republic outright for the last 20 plus years, their thick-riffed dope n’ roll a mightier attraction than the Acropolis. Living titans of Earth’s heavy realm, Nightstalker have produced a slow, steady, and solid amount of material during their career, and their sixth release, Dead Rock Commandos, is a statement of simplicity and a testament to longevity, proof that you can lay right the fuck back and still push out a powerful blend of dark cosmic groove and dynamite desert boogie. To that end then, Dead Rock Commandos swells with Monster Magnet’s shake-a-delic space bluster, Ozzy’s madman sins, and Kyuss’ green machine hum, but don’t think for one minute that Nightstalker takes their cues from anybody. These guys have been doing it just as long and just as well, and given their origin, it just might be that God is dead, baby, and Nightstalker sits atop the mountain now.

Listen to “Go Get Some” from Dead Rock Commandos!


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