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Crobot – The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer

The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer

Just a short time ago my beard received a brusque communiqué from the surface of some distant sun, and immediate actions were taken to prepare for a Crobot invasion. The band were here in a flash, touching down amidst searing heat and a cloud of stardust, and despite my best efforts to withstand their takeover, the high voltage prime movers prevailed, a dominating victory detailed in the hard rock hustle of their debut full-length, The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer. A self-fulfilling prophesy, to be sure, but the path to rock n’ roll infamy is often paved with glitter and sweat, and Crobot have taken one giant step toward all them bright lights by unleashing an absolutely tasty array of heavy groove n’ roll. You know, I haven’t heard this kind of smoky stage attack slither out of Pennsylvania since Silvertide burned up everyone’s denim panties about 10 years ago, and fans of The Parlor Mob, Monster Truck, or the late Dirty Sweet ought to seek out every algae-filled swimming pool, beer garden, stinky festival, or dilapidated concert hall in order to catch Crobot before they blow up and are gone forever. So, come, brothers and sisters, and join all the cosmic doppelgangers and dirty faced brethren for good times in the bad lands. Resistance really is futile.

Listen to the title track from The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer!


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Biters – Last of a Dying Breed

Last of a Dying Breed
Pipeline Records

The Biters busted outta the gates like a snow-sucking thoroughbred in 2010, releasing two phenomenal, well-stocked EPs (Biters and It’s OK to Like Biters). They refused to slow down heading into 2011, taking the calendar turn head-first and hard by adding a third jewel, All Chewed Up, to their crown early that year. Now, they have since gone ahead and combined their second and third EPs into one full-length album, appropriately titled It’s All Chewed Up OK?, but it’s been about a year-and-a-half since we’ve been blessed with new Biters material, and if this here new four-song EP, Last of a Dying Breed, hadn’t showed up when it did, I’d no doubt be out scavenging for cheap thrills with an unsavory whore just to get my good time fix. But here they are, the Supermen of sleaze, Atlanta’s high flying glam-pop boy wonders, pulling me back from my self-destructive ledge just to stick their own glitter stick into my open veins, and oh how magnificent it is to feel this glorious rock n’ roll rush coursing through me again. Just like previous EPs, Last of a Dying Breed revels in all kinds of Cheap Trick, T Rex, and New York Dolls pandemonium, but songs like “Hallucination Generation,” “Hell is for Babies,” and “Evil Eye” have a slight bit of muscle and darkness about ‘em, while “So Many Nights” will most surely remind you of Thin Lizzy’s once proud and splendid reign. In a perfect world, the release of Last of a Dying Breed will kick-start another slew of EPs. And I know it’s a perfect world because I’m listening to the Biters.

Listen to “So Many Nights” from Last of a Dying Breed!


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The Blue Screen of Death – Leave the Future Behind

The Blue Screen of Death
Leave the Future Behind

I didn’t care much for the commercial alt-rock of the 90s, and while it wasn’t all mind-numbingly depressing (I still have an Age of Electric CD hanging around somewhere), a great deal of it truly did suck, and we’ve been reading rock n’ roll’s oft-publicized obituary ever since. Now, there’s no doubt that, musically, The Blue Screen of Death’s latest album, Leave the Future Behind, is reminiscent of that Kiedis-plagued decade, but these British chaps have a brief history (2011′s self-titled album) of puttin’ on the heavy, so they are able to punch their way out of any radio-friendly trappings into which they play themselves. Channeling their obvious hostility toward frozen computers into some slightly demented, teasingly danceable, desert-borne riffs, The Blue Screen of Death come off like a mix of Queens of the Stone Age, The Ex-Idols, and Danko Jones, and the better moments on Leave the Future Behind are like a top down ride into a hypnotic horizon with the FM dial busted clean off.

Listen to Leave the Future Behind by Blue Screen of Death!


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